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Louis, MO. Assess the need for and interest in a sexual health and sickle cell disease SCD inheritance educational program for Women looking sex Joyce Washington with SCD.

Using a cross-sectional approach, qualitative data were collected during interviews of youth with SCD between Sweet lady looking sex tonight Santa Fe New Mexico 11—19 years from an urban hospital.

Inductive and emergent coding was used to identify themes. Frequencies were recorded and analyzed. Half of the participants were adolescent girls. The mean age was Topics like information-seeking, limited knowledge, and need for social skills training provide evidence for the creation of an educational intervention for this vulnerable population.

This program shows initial feasibility for youth with SCD. The majority of people with SCD will live into their childbearing years; therefore, individuals will make reproductive decisions about having a child and passing along SCD or SCT to Women looking sex Joyce Washington child.

There is a significant health disparity for African-American youth, who are disproportionately affected by sexually transmitted infections STIs through unprotected sexual activity.

Louis, MO, which represents the urban Women looking sex Joyce Washington of St. Louis and is separate from St. Louis County, the average rate of gonorrhea infection was nearly 18 times higher and the average rate of chlamydia infection was 13 times higher for African -American city residents compared to Washinfton city residents between — pervs 51 perand per JJoyce, vs perMissouri and African-American youth have higher teen pregnancy rates compared to national averages.

In Missouri public schools, HIV education is mandated, but comprehensive sex education is not. Youth with chronic conditions, like SCD, experience additional emotional, social, and physical threats during adolescence compared to their healthy peers. Given the disparities Women looking sex Joyce Washington sexual health and inheritance education, it is imperative to address this barrier by developing a risk-reduction program Washingon this vulnerable population.

A secondary goal was to measure the feasibility of an educational program by assessing acceptance by the patient population, patient interest, and potential for integrating an educational program into dex existing hospital environment.

We used a cross-sectional approach for this qualitative investigation.

Participants were recruited from the clinic population. We attempted to recruit all eligible patients who met our inclusion criteria, although most patients were recruited during weekday clinic hours. Patients were approached in an outpatient hematology clinic setting or during an inpatient hospital Women looking sex Joyce Washington. Inclusion criteria were: Individuals were excluded it: Lookiing additional data collection instrument was used to collect information to capture more complete demographic information of the child.

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A semi-structured interview lasting approximately 20—40 minutes was conducted individually with youth by the study coordinator. Interviews began on a neutral subject to build rapport. The interviewer then explained the project using a standardized script, transitioning into the semi-structured interview Table 1. Topics and questions discussed during Free phone sex in Anchorage semi-structured interview covered sexual Women looking sex Joyce Washington, knowledge, and interest in an educational program.

Participants were encouraged to direct the interview toward the topics they found most interesting and relevant.

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As new topics emerged during the interviews, questions were added. For example, discussing sexual health education in school was not an initial question developed for the semi-structured interviews, but emerged through the interview process and was covered in all interviews.

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At the completion of the semi-structured interview, the interviewer provided educational materials sexual health and SCD Women looking sex Webster Kentucky. A genetic education diagram was provided and youth were given an explanation of the diagram and encouraged to ask questions.

Transcribed text from the semi-structured interviews and field notes were used for analysis. Our approach was based on Kailua1 Hawaii it out sexy from grounded theory using inductive and emergent coding strategies. We started with open coding of the transcribed text, followed by thematic coding identifying common categories while constantly comparing texts. The research team assembled to finalize the codebook and explore the relationships among categories and data using axial coding strategies.

Selective coding was used to describe detail, clarify, and finalize categories. Upon completion of coding, the Women looking sex Joyce Washington discussed Women looking sex Joyce Washington meaning and interpretation of coding categories.

Each interview had the same primary coder AH and used an additional secondary coder. A codebook was created and modified as needed. Few disagreements in coded text were identified, but the primary AH and secondary coder referenced the codebook to come to a consensus and resolve discrepancies. A code tie-breaker AK was used as needed. Field notes were used to clarify emotive force and other dynamics not captured in the transcriptions of the audio recordings.

This approach was chosen because of its rigor and fit with the purpose of the project. Time constraints were the reason for most declines. As the age range of patients increased, the rates of participation increased. Three patients between 11—13 years were approached and one consented to participate. Eighteen and 19 year-olds were able to provide consent for themselves 10 of 12 patients 18—19 years approached for the study consented to participate.

Youth also completed a demographic form Table 2. Mean age was Half were able to verbalize contraception other than condoms. Through Women looking sex Joyce Washington, coders determined no new emergent categories, Women looking sex Joyce Washington therefore, developed category properties.

Four primary categories were identified Table 3. Seeking additional SCD education was most commonly Women looking sex Joyce Washington Most participants shared that they had limited opportunities to learn about Beautiful lady wants casual dating Fort Worth cell disease and transmission.

Especially transmission. Some youth stated that they heard inheritance information previously, but that relearning the inheritance pattern was helpful. Wasuington, off hand. I think that would be good. Many participants were interested in how sickle cell disease may play a part of Women looking sex Joyce Washington planning.

Understanding the inheritance pattern within a personal context of future family planning was of interest Women looking sex Joyce Washington multiple participants. As one boy shared:. Like, say, you know, like I have sickle cell…What if, my partner has the trait? Can lookking kids still? For some youth, there was an emotional component to learning the inheritance pattern of SCD which was associated with their thoughts about their future family planning.

During one interview, the participant indicated that she thought she would have a child with SCD, and therefore, she did not want to have any children because she did not want them to experience the health complications she had experienced. This explanation was surprising to her:.

Whereas they knew they had inherited SCD from their parents, there was still confusion surrounding the inheritance pattern. One participant shared that he did not believe his father had sickle cell disease or trait.

And do you know how sickle cell disease is passed along? And does your mom have sickle cell disease?

One participant had incorrect knowledge of condoms. Srx believed condoms prevented pregnancy but increased the chances of contracting a STI. She specified that she learned about condoms at school. She stated:. Youth also had limited knowledge of birth control.

Whereas discussing her thoughts on decision making and Woman looking nsa Ventress activity, one girl shared that she did not know if a contraceptive method Depo-Provera shot provided protection from STIs.

She did indicate knowledge of using condoms to reduce risk in Women looking sex Joyce Washington activity:.

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And um… if you have it, have safe sex using condoms. Some youth shared Jpyce they had knowledge of birth control but did not know about the different types:. I just know birth control. One boy shared that he was waiting for sexual health education in school but his school did not offer a comprehensive program. I always hear about people and other schools talking about how they got sex ed class. Youth also were interested in sexual health information topics and strategies to Women looking sex Joyce Washington healthy behaviors.

Women looking sex Joyce Washington

Participants thought that adolescents Sex channel extreme online SCD were curious to learn more information about SCD and sexual health but did not know whom to ask to learn more:. Most youth actively Women looking sex Joyce Washington in the education discussion during the semi-structured interviews.

Confusion around percentage and probability emerged Women looking sex Joyce Washington most discussions. As one participant stated:. Youth also asked questions, described the inheritance and were interested in how the results applied to their lives. As one participant demonstrates:.

If your partner had, uh, would they have trait or disease? Only if you partner is a carrier of sickle cell or in their family history has a history of sickle cell they could pass it along?

During our interviews, we observed questions and comments indicating our participants were in a period of developing their sense-of-self or self-identity. Are you in the midst of applications and all of that stuff? I went on and had sex with her without a condom. And, she got a baby right now.