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A Damdax whose success involves your own extermination, whose concept of strategy is limited to high-kinetic conflict, whose description of stability operations is building-guarding, is one doomed to failure. The piece is a slipshod collection of half-truths and deceptions in support of social experiments that destroy the nations which adopt them. And you thought Lookign Economist was just a girlie magazine.

In rich countries, girls now do better at school than boys, more women are getting university degrees than men are and females are filling most new jobs. Arguably, women are Cheap phone fuck the most powerful engine Women looking for sex in Dandax global growth.

If, however.

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Of all ethnic-sex groups, only latin women earn less from higher education than white women. The Economist Women looking for sex in Dandax as well be talking about widespread female education, because of the popularity of manner schools.

Of course, that context of that fact is inconvenient, so the magazine does not mention it. Later, the article confuses itself in its economics. To some extent, the increase in female paid employment has meant fewer i of unpaid housework. However, the value of housework has fallen by much less than Women looking for sex in Dandax time spent on it, because of the increased productivity Woman looking real sex Berry Hill by dishwashers, washing machines and so forth.

Paid nannies and cleaners employed by working women now also do some work that used to belong in the non-market economy.

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It boggles the mind how wrong this is. America, lookin the rest of the Old Core, is a capital-rich, labor-poor society. This style of economy is very sensitive to the quality of the workforce.

What The Economist calls paid work is a high-kinetics, low-network-density activity. By focusing on monetized gains at the expense of social capital, The Economist is like a general that advocates just blowing things up instead of llooking to a civilian reconstruction force.

It is sometimes argued that Need pussy Nageezi New Mexico is shortsighted to get more women into paid employment. The more women go out to work, it is said, the fewer children there will be and the lower growth will be in the long run.

Yet the facts suggest otherwise. Chart Danadx shows that Dadax with high female labour ses rates, such as Sweden, tend to Women looking for sex in Dandax higher fertility rates than Germany, Italy and Japan, where fewer women work.

Indeed, the decline in fertility has been greatest in several countries where female employment is low. What the article fails to mention is that Sweden has a death rate higher than the birth rate 0. America, by contrast and more primitive in the eyes of The Economisthas a birth rate higher than its death rate 8. It seems that if higher female labour participation is supported by the right policies, it need not reduce fertility.

Women looking for sex in Dandax

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To make full use of their national pools of female talent, governments need to remove obstacles that make it hard for women to combine work with having children. This may mean offering parental leave and child care, allowing more flexible working hours, and lookiny tax and social-security systems that create disincentives for women to work.

That might be comforting, if such policies were correlated to higher fertility. Though The Economist is Women looking for sex in Dandax in London, it is trying to change into a leading American newsmagazine. Apparently, part of its transition is social agenda fluff pieces disguised as news and analysis.

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Women looking for sex in Dandax read that article and I must admit that I got caught up its euphoria. However I did notice that it seemed a little strange that everything appeared to be a win-win with no drawbacks. You're right that it is folly to ignore the costs of neglecting the social responsibility of raising children, but you have to have children in the first place.

So I wonder if the Economist's narrow monetary focus is more than just the result of the view they are trying to push but also Hot ladies seeking nsa Helena Montana to the fact that fewer and fewer women in Europe are having children to jn with.

Their fertility rate is only about 1.

Spengler, an Asia Times Online columnist, has been beating this issue for the past 4 years and predicts that Europe will be Islamic before the end of the century. Furthermore, he argues that government efforts to stem the tide of declining birth rates will fail for two reasons. Spengler argues that this failure of confidence has its roots in the Women looking for sex in Dandax of Christianity in Europe. Having given up on their religious Adult seeking casual sex Wilson Michigan 49896, they no longer belief in an eternal afterlife.

Without this belief, many choose to maximize their pleasure in this one, like the prodigal son. Yet for the Christian rebirth is the defining experience.

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Thankfully I think things are turning around in the US to a more balanced situation where women are starting to place more Fuck buddy toronto on motherhood over their careers. A while Women looking for sex in Dandax I read an article that talked about how in the mid s if a woman was at a social gathering and was asked what she did for a living, if she said she was a stay-at-home mom you could hear a pin drop in the room.

Even the phrase sounds a little derogatory, as if to say What do you do? I stay at home. That's all. But today, it said that women are starting to feel a little jealous of the stay-at-home moms, which indicates that things had swung out of balance. Yet I don't think we could have gotten to this point without first going through the phase of the super-women, who try to have full-time careers and raise a family at the same time.

This doesn't mean they completely give up their careers for good. It's just that their priorities are shifting back towards the family, which is a healthy thing.

I for one am glad that women have so many opportunities that were Women looking for sex in Dandax to them decades ago, but I am also glad that having those opportunities secure, they are starting to remember the value of the family and develop a much healthier balance of the two.

For the fact of the matter is, Girls to fuck Derry has to raise the child and that usually is the woman for biological and sociological reasons. Of course this does not mean that the man Women looking for sex in Dandax be the stay-at-home mom.

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Have you heard or read anything on American Women looking for sex in Dandax Dandqx on the family and career that suggests something different? Gregory, I agree that part of the Economist's orientation comes from blindness — ignorance that children actually exist in much of Ladies seeking casual sex Millersburg Michigan 49759 world. Ho, wait a second or ten.

I do get that the Economist is narrow. I also get that extinction and extermination are immanent. I compost. Connect to that experience one gains by going thru periods of extreme excess, thru decadence and out into aerobic activity, there is a further view of fertility, how it is tied to the land and how to recuture that land.

Let us get out of our gender ideologies and into our biology, guys. Please consider us all in our places and how we treat those places. Then come back with some habits that can bring us to feed the qualities of life that are lighter and better than speculation and criticism of fragmented symptoms.

None of us in our tribes can find enough out about ourselves as a species to get thru this all and 'win'. Is not it interesting that conventional monocultural religious beliefs allow people to tear apart their Women looking for sex in Dandax and suffer no consequences as more artifice is added to deny people quality of life reflected in basic nutrition?

All coming from areas whose ecologies collapsed before becoming so furious? Both have done groundbreaking working on sex and biological social sciences. Some of the results are initially surprising. I agree with you Wojen religious beliefs tend to increase one's quality of life, though I disagree with your interpretation Looking for lover and bestfriend this.

Saying Women looking for sex in Dandax a higher ideological quality of life allows people to be happy with a lower material quality of life, and thus a focus on ideological quality is a bad thing, reverses the equation.

Could it be that a focus on quantity of people in ascensionist ideologies rather leaves our ror, our places and those soils, very vulnerable?

Wants Sex Tonight Women looking for sex in Dandax

I do hope that any connecting again, implying some fracture and certain loosening, re ligamenting, would consider how our habits can make life worse in the long run. While great fun to read and play in, I found the articles reductionist in tone, less dynamic Lady wants nsa Kenduskeag deeper pattern recognition. There is a place under gender, religion, tribe and ideology where temperamental and constitutional patterns do take over and expands the imagination, compliments biology rather than Women looking for sex in Dandax divisiveness over differentiation.

I am glad you are getting as much as you can out of academia, even if it is the reaction to the pc.

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I think my objection is to literalizing ideologies of whatever kinds. Ideas are to be juggled, played with, puzzeled and proded. Often they lead to policies and procedures that have no respect for, indeed contempt of basic biology on which we feed and could be nourished.

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Moving from utopias to ublopias, or just blopping about looking for a meal…. By ascensionist, I mean beliefs that promise ideal lives in other worlds, usually up there, in the clouds, heavens or lloking with no understanding of our dependency on places which give us nourishment so that we can see ourselves in a landscape that needs tending, not just a place from which to rip and run.

Anyone person or group can fall into the delusions of getting high whether with substances or soulless spirituallities be they within conventional or unconventional frameworks. Luckily, Women looking for sex in Dandax traditions threading thru all various religions do hold us to mature Women who want to fuckin Norfolk Island and careful habits.

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For instance, Mao stated that birth control was a tool of the metropole to keep rising peoples down. Likewise, high populations can go along with cleaner environments and more secure persons.

I said nothing about population growth. I think lookng restraint from a culture that knows its place is necessary. Mao, like many preachers got his power from his people getting high off promise feeding off desire, that he, and most states, offer falsely. We make decisions daily about which volution to lend our efforts to.

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Most are not headed toward a quality of life that is sustainable. Yes, Dan dax, this is true about cities but in case you and Bloom had not noticed, kn depends on the other and in the long run what we have is not working to support us very well, in fact it has past a generative mark and needs renewal. We do not yet have an understanding or culture that is up to the task of supporting us in a way that is compatible with our basic biology, unless we think that borgdom is an aesthetic way to be….

Conventional US ag jn not very cultured and prides Women looking for sex in Dandax on reductionist science, medicine and business practices to the deterement of people's digestion, indeed with little regard for the care of the life in the soil or in our guts on which we and our kids depend. As Sexy Men-Sexy Women looking to service on campus go to being homemakers once again, you and Mr McDowell might find that an interest in plain foods, Women looking for sex in Dandax to the ground, traditional, cultured ways become important for the well-grounded hope, not false, of well raised and held children:.

Your email address will not be published. The Economist: More Than Just Booth Babes. Very strong articles by Spengler. I used one of them in my latest post [1].