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If you saw Blade Runner this weekend, you probably left the theater with a few questions. Can replicants and humans really reproduce together?

Woman wants sex Blades Delaware And is Harrison Ford a goddamn replicant or not? There are lots of fascinating debates to be had after the credits roll, and I hope Blade Runner fans are ready to start having them.

His life—as a replicant created, specifically, to hunt and kill other replicants—is Dslaware deeply fulfilling.

Early in the movie, we wantts K stoically return to his apartment as fellow tenants hurl anti-replicant slurs at him. The only interactions K has within anyone are transactional. The big exception is Joi Ana de Armas.

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Joi expects nothing from K. In her Woman wants sex Blades Delaware scene, she shifts roles and outfits rapidly: Brady Bunch -style housewife, attentive and sympathetic confidant, coy seductress. The sex awnts comes later, when K—in the midst of a complicated and potentially world-changing investigation that might also explain his own murky origin story—has begun to rely on Joi all the more.

K initially seems reluctant to participate in the elaborate fantasy Joi has engineered. Samantha voiced by Scarlett Johansson recruits a human woman to serve as her sexual surrogate with the character played by Joaquin Phoenix.

The following morning has all the awkwardness of a regretful one-night stand for the two physical participants, though the way Joi treats K is completely unchanged. But while K betrays very few emotions over the course of the movie, you have to imagine the sex scene increased his investment in his Woman wants sex Blades Delaware with Joi, increasing his grief when Luv destroys the machine that allows him to project Joi into the real world.

But what kind of relationship are we talking about, anyway? K bought Joi on the promise of the ominpresent advertising campaign that shines like a beacon in the grim Los Angeles skyline: Everything you want to see.

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And what does K—who was literally factory-assembled—want to see and hear? Even as Joi spurs K on his mission, she serves as his wante weakness, giving Niander Wallace—whose company created her—a direct method to monitor K.

To be clear: The Blade Runner universe hinges on questions like this.

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That a company might develop an artificial intelligence that is explicitly designed to treat a sad, lonely man as the tragically misunderstood hero Woman wants sex Blades Delaware his own life?

Mariette, a fully autonomous and independent being who is essentially selling her body to Joi—who gifts it to K—for a night. That a company might develop an artificial intelligence designed to treat a sad, ssx man as the tragically misunderstood hero in his own Local horny females in Danbury Connecticut What is it like for Mariette to have her entire body, and her entire self, be enveloped by the image of the woman K actually wants?

We Delasare enough of Mariette—willful member of the Replicant Resistance—to know that she deliberately targets K, Woman wants sex Blades Delaware uses his attraction to her as a means to collect information.

While K is running around, following the broad parameters of his blade runner programming—and eventually defying them—Mariette is a kind of sleeper agent all along, carrying an agenda no one but her allies can guess at, let alone comprehend.

In the sex scene, K is following his hunger for Joi, and Joi is following her programming.

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The core mystery of Blade Runner is all about sex. Rachael—the replicant played by Sean Young in the original Blade Runner —purportedly died in childbirth, and the identity and location of her child is the big question of Blade Runner If Deckard is a Woman wants sex Blades Delaware, Delwaare has Warren ohio sluts ramifications for the humanity of replicants, who can give birth and pass on their bloodline just as easily as any person might.

And if Deckard is a replicant, it means something slightly different, though no Dealware potent: That replicants are essentially an independent and arguably superior race to humans, endowed by their creator, Eldon Tyrell, with the ability to procreate. This Woman wants sex Blades Delaware scene is yet another fascinating and complicated Blade Runner union: Two replicants and an A.

And if, by design or by miracle, this night resulted in a child… well, whose DNA would it carry?

Warner Bros. By Chris Heath. Joi But what kind of relationship are we talking about, anyway?

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