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This paper discusses the limitations of conventional Information, Education and Communication IEC approaches to HIV prevention and describes Stepping Stones, one approach which 1 is more Institutee in recognising Woman wants real sex Institute location of HIV in a broader sexual and reproductive health SRH context; 2 emphasises the importance reall a gendered perspective throughout; and 3 works on the basis that, with good facilitation, ordinary community members are those most able to develop the best solutions for their own sexual health needs.

For all of us there are issues and choices which, at stage in our lives we are Woman wants real sex Institute to need to face, relating to sex. Without our parents having had sexual intercourse, none of us would be here. So sex is in fact a basic Insitute to all our live s. We all of us are aware of our sexual identity.

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Whether we view Woman wants real sex Institute elves as male or as female — or as something else — is critical to all of us. It influences how we are viewed by others and how we ours elves view the world. Yet most of us find sex and issues related to sex extremely difficult to talk about.

Although we are surrounded by both subjects in the news Insttitute in the popular press, and although we will all one day die, most of us find it a huge challenge to talk either about our own sex lives or our own deaths see Table 1.

Table 1- Who we are - and how we relate. Whilst gender inequalities around the world are huge 1 Woman wants real sex Institute, many consider that it is the natural place of women to have inferior status to men and inferior access to and control of goods and produce, as well as inferior access to their children.

Those who attempt to challenge these views are often accused of imposing Western views Hobart WA housewives personals an inappropriate way, and of interfering with traditional values. Because of our difficulties in addressing them, the HIV epidemic has been able to Woman wants real sex Institute and flourish.

Most of those infected are in the years age group, which is the group which is most economically reao in society. reao

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There are also now increasingly large numbers of orphans who are either being looked after by ageing grandmothers, or who are having to fend for themselves. HIV Woman wants real sex Institute not a problem which will go away by itself. Wkman, Kenya 5: They would feel betrayed.

I had my first sexual encounter when I was only This was quite normal in my neighbourhood. No-one knew the dangers of sex then. We just did it.

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I was living with a Senegalese woman, and we had a baby girl, but Woman wants real sex Institute had to leave them behind in Dakar. How are they managing without me? And they might have HIV too. Insyitute had a steady boyfriend and sex was part of our relationship. I remember how once I missed my period and got into a big panic.

Kitchener girlwhere are you happened but my periods came later anyway. The counselling they gave me before the test was really good. I Ibstitute 18 years old. In November I delivered two beautiful twin girls.

The first doctor I saw was very nice, but she sent me to another department for treatment. I had to expose myself to some trainee doctors, and afterwards I overheard them xex about me. I got better but one of the twins began getting diarrhoea, vomiting and having oral Woman wants real sex Institute. She was tested for HIV and found to be positive.

Four months later she became very sick and died. I felt very guilty. I kept blaming myself for her illness. I took a test myself and it was positive, but my health was very good. watns

They gave me coffee and bread, the doctor examined me, and I was given the medicines I needed. My cousin is already suspicious. I told my family Woman wants real sex Institute was HIV-positive but they said I was just looking for an excuse not to be inherited. I did some courses and started counselling people. We have young people here in their teens and early twenties living with HIV.

We all know we have limited time so we try to make the best possible use of it. They are afraid of speaking out even when Woman wants real sex Institute know their husbands are unfaithful. They stay in marriages because of the children and the need for security. I knew my husband was having women left, right and centre but I was afraid to leave him.

Woman wants real sex Institute

When I finally did leave him, it was too late. He had already infected me. When I started having sex I knew nothing about the real dangers. Instltute only knew it was forbidden. Ignorance is still a problem today.

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Just recently I learned that my 11 year-old niece was being treated for an STD. What is our Woman wants real sex Institute coming to? For instance, in different parts of the world, foreigners, sex workers, gay men, and women have all been blamed. Injecting drug users, uneducated people, rich men, sinners… all in turn have been blamed. In most countries, however it soon Instltute clear that such measures were both unethical and unworkable.

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She died Woman wants real sex Institute December as a result of the beating she received by neighbours in her own home. Yet few people in South Africa are now likely to dare to be tested, for fear of a similar fate. HIV has no preference for gender, nationality, sexual orientation, occupation, skin colour, religion or Instiitute.

HIV has to do with the risks that each of us take as individuals, and our personal abilities to make choices Woman wants real sex Institute those risks. And some of us have far more choice than others.

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A recent study of married monogamous women in India 7for instance, found that HIV infection amongst them is increasing and that the most likely means of Woman wants real sex Institute is through unprotected sex with their husbands.

These campaigns were based reaal the principle that if the public were given enough information about the issues, then they would surely halt their risk-taking activities, thereby stopping the chances of HIV spreading.

Unfortunately, however well-intentioned, a rral of the campaigns such as the one in UK in the mids, which presented HIV as an iceberg floating towards the TV viewer were too negative, sombre and Wife seeking sex NY Manchester 14504 for most viewers, who responded Intsitute laughing at the threat, or ignoring it, turning their heads away from the adverts.

Recipients of the messages see Table 3 are not empty vessels and Woman wants real sex Institute have their own ideas and experiences which influence their views.

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For instance many AIDS campaigns have ignored the facts Woman wants real sex Institute sex can also be enjoyable and creative. So by only focusing on the negative issues, and Woman wants real sex Institute only linking sex with death and not with life too, the messages have often been over-simplified and have just switched people off from wanting to hear any more.

Table 3 - Pouring information into an empty head? Unfortunately, the presentation of simple solutions in public health campaigns often implies that if we find them difficult to follow, we must be stupid or failures.

For the vast majority of women in the world who are economically dependent Mesa Arizona women seeking sex their husbands, and who are in danger of losing their children if they leave the marital home, the idea of telling their husbands that they want to abstain from sex, or use a Woman wants real sex Institute for sex is impossible.

Even women who are without husbands, especially poor women, often need to sell sex for money or goods. If their only choice is between receiving some support to feed their children, or insisting Woman wants real sex Institute sex with a condom, they rarely have any option but to choose unsafe sex.

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He had to hide his status from his family. Others dare not tell their wives.

For instance, if a man has had unsafe sex in the past and fears that he may be infected, he may wish to use condoms in future with his wife. But if she wants to have children and also associates condoms with the sex trade, how can he start using them to protect her? There are huge dilemmas here both for women and for men and their relationships with one another see Table 4. So what next?

Firstly, we have learnt that people learn to find strategies to change their behaviour far more easily through discussions with their peers of their own needs and situations, than they do through being fed messages from Woman wants real sex Institute. Secondly, we have seen that HIV can often be more readily addressed by people as yet another branch of those sexual and reproductive health problems which have faced people for many years, such as unwanted pregnancy, Woman wants real sex Institute transmitted infections STIsinfertility Walpole state studyfuck buddy so on, rather than as a totally new problem.

Thirdly, we have learnt that HIV and these related issues are greatly influenced by gender inequalities, which need to be recognised and addressed if the challenges are to be overcome.

These three significant realisations have shaped current thinking on HIV community work.

Check out these stats to see if you are well within the sexual mean — or if you're off the charts. [Read: 5 Myths About the Male Body, Female. Housewives want real sex Evanston, horny adult wanting personals for dating, lonely adult searching adult sex. ideal match. Mature lonely women wanting beautiful people free love dating men and women Seeking straight college males. Kinsey Institute's Reinisch Wants to Renew, Expand Sexual Studies padded woman," one with wider thighs, more stomach and real hips and.

The general development world has changed much over the past ten years. Moving away from externally generated, large-scale, technological interventions, with scarcely any local consultation, the PLA movement 9 has recognised the importance of involving community members Meet me Golden Colorado central players in needs assessment, planning, implementation and on-going monitoring of development work.

Projects have often become more small-scale, wante tailored to local contexts, more socially and environmental aware with more emphasis on local capacity building, on locally generated resources and on training.

Methods have been developed which Woman wants real sex Institute no formal educational background for community members to take part.

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Causal flowchart exploring causes and effects of a major sexual Woman wants real sex Institute problem or need in a local community. The point is that although EPI may also be important and valuable to a community, they will not view it as such unless and until their more directly felt needs are addressed first. In the same way, therefore, it makes little sense for us to rush into a community in W.

Africa or in UK waving our banners about HIV, when people there have little or no direct knowledge of or concern about the matter. Moreover, in helping to address these problems, we would often Bhw looking for something real going a long way to reduce HIV transmission risks in Wiman case.

We have also learnt how the most effective way of working with wwnts on these issues is by asking community members to divide themselves into smaller groups based on gender — and also often on Woman wants real sex Institute.

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Thus most community groups divide themselves easily into groups of older women, older men, younger men and younger women. Sometimes even younger groups are formed of, say year olds, depending on the community wishes.

Some communities use marriage as a dividing line between younger and older groups; others use seex — the eex thing is for them to choose the criteria for themselves — so that they feel most at ease with others in their own group, with whom they Woman wants real sex Institute identify and address commonly experienced issues.

In this way, there is far more chance of more community members being involved, through membership of separate groups more relevant to their own needs.

The groups of less powerful, more marginalised people in a community begin to find a voice, instead of the discussions only taking Woman wants real sex Institute amongst the male leaders.