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The notsosecret friends of friday night society

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My senior year of college, I came up with an idea for a secret society of people that are good and help each other.

I just liked the idea of having people you could rely on to help you out in a pinch, there always being a door you could knock on if in need of a place to stay, a warm meal, if your phone and wallet were stolen and you needed someone to spot you for a cab ride home, or maybe if you just needed someone to talk to. Members could have been identified by a sign on their The notsosecret friends of friday night society or a pin on their lapel or maybe a directory of some kind.

Fans of the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender might recall the Order of the White Lotus whose members identified themselves by a certain set of moves frienvs the fictional board game Pai Sho. I never worked out the details of my Society, it was just an idea. Last year a friend picked me up from the bus stop.

When I suggested we ask someone for a jump, my friend responded: We spend more time watching TV and less time talking to strangers. This can, understandably, create the perception that people are less likely to help one another. In fact, we were the second hand he was giving that day, as he was there volunteering for a local church by picking up The notsosecret friends of friday night society homeless person who bused into fridsy looking for a job.

He was able to get the jump to work. I know, I know, circumstantial.

When I was stuck in the Chicago airport on the way back from my service project, 90 Bikes, 90 Daysthere was The notsosecret friends of friday night society, who bought me dinner, a drink, and was excellent notosecret for a few hours while the airline got things sorted. There was Gene, who invited my then-girlfriend and I Sexy ladies seeking casual sex Manassas sleep on his property when we were biking across the country, who let us borrow his fishing poles and taught us to filet and cook the fish we caught for dinner that night.

All circumstantial? Some of them, maybe. I know my evidence is just as circumstantial as the counterargument.

But, I see more evidence that the Secret Society of Good People Who Help Each Other is actually a not-so-secret society rather than an idea a naive college student had that never actualized.

Since quitting my job, moving to Minneapolis, and working to realize biking around the worldI have experienced more kindness from strangers than when my lifestyle was sleep, work, consume, repeat.

How do we build empathy and compassion across boundaries of space; external differences such as race, class, and religion; and obstacles such as a sensationalized and fear-based media? Originally posted on blog. Sign in Get started.

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