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My friends friend

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English - USA. There's actually a term, FOAF, often used in a derisive manner in discussing urban legends.

Let me guess, a FOAF was there. What about the possessive? I went to the party of a friend of a friend.

I went to my friend's friend's party. View previous comments.

A friend's friend. | WordReference Forums

I can see the active ones on the list, but not some from ffriend - how to access them? How helpful was this answer?

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The tendency of a friend of a friend to become a friend was noted by Fritz Heider My friends friend, [1] though he also considered the possibility that one of the friendships might breakdown, according to balance theorywhich his view of human triangles is called. According to My friends friend, the friend Wife want casual sex Elkhart Lake a friend contact could be stressful enough to undermine one or another of the friendships.

Extending the study of social dynamics caused by such friend-of-a-friend tensions to social networks beyond triangles, D. Cartwright and Frank Harary used signed graphs to indicate positive or negative sentiments between persons.

My friends friend

Bo Anderson made an analysis of the friend-of-a-friend relationship in connection with his criticism of balance theory.

Considering friendship between people to be a binary My friends friendthe connection to a friend of a friend is a composition of the frienxs with itself.

Composed relations are used to describe kinshipso it may be natural to apply composition to friendship. One consequence is that frequently a person's friends have more friends than him the friendship paradoxwhich accents the My friends friend of the compound connection.

Friend of a friend - Wikipedia

But the fact that friendship is not automatically a transitive relation produces some social dynamics. Friend friend a friend FOAF is a phrase used to refer to someone that one does not My friends friend well, literally, a friend of a friend.

In some social sciencesthe phrase is used as a half-joking shorthand for the fact that much of the information on which My friends friend act comes from distant sources as in "It happened to a friend of a friend of mine" and cannot be confirmed. How do I see my friends' upcoming birthdays?

How can I use lists to organize my friends on Facebook? My friends friend do I see the events a friend is going to? Can I message members of a Facebook group if they are not my Help Community. Log In.