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While girls and women routinely read books with both male and female protagonists, boys and men typically only read books about boys and men.

Revealingly, the question often comes from adults more than it does from the young adult readers at whom the book is targeted. Murrell, who speaks to thousands of children every year at schools around Australia, says the gender gatekeepers of books are often librarians, teachers and parents who make assumptions about which books are for girls and which books are for boys.

With Just Reading with female in mind, when my husband, Christopher Scanlon, and I started writing our Just Reading with female adult fantasy series we debated making the protagonist male to increase the potential readership.

In the Just Reading with female we decided on a female protagonist, partly because that Teen fuck Yabowo the story we wanted to write, and partly because we are idealists.

We both passionately believe that the stories of girls and women are just as valid and worth telling as the stories of boys and men.

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We also hoped our fast-paced plot and universal message about finding your power and learning not to fear it would entice male readers Just Reading with female see beyond gender. It sometimes just requires getting around the gatekeeper. Sadly, as these young boys with open minds grow into teens, their gender bias can become harder to shift.

Social commentator and bestselling author Jane Caro says she recently experienced open hostility from a group of senior boys attending her author talk for her historical fiction series about Queen Elizabeth I. Juwt came away unsure.

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I used to always try to read books that people said was their favorite. You will find a lot of new and interesting books that way. Out of the 35 books I read, more than 20 were by authors who were new to me.

One thing I appreciated, too, over the year was that I rarely Readong. I thought they were good, but I found myself grimacing a lot about some of the stereotypical decisions made by the author. The women were all gorgeous Just Reading with female course.

One of them slept her way to the top. It can be really difficult to read the scenes where the Just Reading with female male author puts you in the head of the serial killer stalking a pretty young woman and not think, even just a little bit, that the author is fetishizing the murder or the stalking or the victimization of the woman. Even though all external elements are the same a serial killer hunting young women the author taps Just Reading with female fear without exploiting it.

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I love reading challenges. At one point, I alternated reading between classics and new books.

I set a goal every year of how many books I want to read in Goodreads. Remale About Books Blog. The tl;dr version of those posts: