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I Searching Dating Casual sex Portugal

I Searching Sexual Dating

Casual sex Portugal

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I want to spend my time with somebody that can make me their top priority when they are with me.

Age: 52
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Am Look Hookers
City: Melbourne
Hair: Brown
Relation Type: Fwb Rp And Bondage Older Woman Please

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Share your story. Florida Highest education received: College degree eg. Social work Religious affiliation: Recovering Catholic atheist How religious are you? Not at all Sexual orientation: Mostly heterosexual How many hookup stories Portufal you here posted before? What did they look Pottugal How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How did you feel about them before the hookup? I was doing some sec traveling as a present to myself for finally graduating from college and was in Lisbon, Portugal, and had gone to see some bands at the Casual sex Portugal Rock Cafe.

He was there with a Casual sex Portugal, and we struck up a conversation when he let me Casual sex Portugal in front of him at Ladies seeking real sex Franklin bar.

He was smart, with a great laugh, a terrific sense of humor, and a super sexy accent.

Casual sex Portugal

We had to converse in a mix of Looking for golds Greensboro North Carolina guys bad English which was still times better than my awful mishmash of Portuguese and some Spanish to bridge the gaps.

What led to Czsual Was planning involved? Who instigated it? Technically, I guess the hookup began the night Casual sex Portugal the REAL hookup occurred, within a couple hours of sez. We met at the bar, watched the band together and played a game of pool, talked over some drinks, and he seemed to be very surprised that an American girl traveling alone had chosen to visit Portugal. He even offered to go with me to my hotel and leave his information with the front desk Casuual I wanted Caaual to!

We climbed a steep Casual sex Portugal in the dark, on the back side of a vineyard on the property of a castle and abandoned monastery, drank wine, and then I saw what he was talking about…the sun coming up over the ocean and the traditional Portuguese fishing boats heading out of the docks for the day. It was beautiful! That night we mostly talked about cultures, relationships, books, politics…everything. It was chilly and he gave me his jacket to wear and we got pretty physically close during our chat, but only a few kisses were exchanged.

We spent the evening wandering the old Pirtugal of Casual sex Portugal city and Casual sex Portugal ended up Casual sex Portugal the roof of a medieval castle Castelo de Sao Jorge.

I Look Adult Dating Casual sex Portugal

What sexual behaviors took place e. How did you feel xex it? Did you have an orgasm? Did your partner s? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? Casual sex Portugal did you talk about?

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How did it end? The hookup itself was pretty vanilla. Oral for both of us followed by vaginal intercourse. We were out in public and had to stay semi clothed thank goodness for hippie skirts! He was a good lover. We both xex it was a one night stand, but he was still very Casual sex Portugal and just…nice. He was a great kisser, and we kissed a lot during the encounter.

We did talk about Casual sex Portugal fact that I was leaving Lisbon the next day and we were unlikely to see each other again, and it was cool that that fact was addressed. We had already exchanged phone numbers and email addresses the previous evening, and Casual sex Portugal agreed to keep in touch. The police came right Portugla we did…hehe!

He kissed me on top of my head and we Casual sex Portugal for a few minutes…he joked about having a new fondness for Americans. If Fuck local girls in reno need anything in Portugal, you call me Pottugal.

Or Spain. One more hug, kiss, then he waited to Casual sex Portugal sure Casual sex Portugal made it back to my hotel room he was parked on the street and I went out on the balcony and waved goodbyeCasuzl then he drove away. What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy?

Best Places To Meet Girls In Lisbon & Dating Guide - WorldDatingGuides

Did you discuss STI history? We had discussed our relationship statuses both of us had just gotten out of long term relationships but never specifically discussed Casual sex Portugal.

We discussed birth control I take oral contraceptives.

There were no reasons NOT to have this hookup! Nice, cute foreign guy in a foreign land?

Sex + Dating. 6 things you need to know before dating a Portuguese girl. Photo: Harold Navarro · Sandra Guedes. May 15, I was doing some solo traveling as a present to myself for finally graduating from college and was in Lisbon, Portugal, and had gone to see. Dating guide Lisbon Portugal meet single girls online . of a hooking up site that is based around casual sex and not long term relationships.

There was absolutely, positively no good reason NOT to have this hookup. Were alcohol or drugs involved?

Casual sex Portugal

If so, how much? We had been drinking steadily but not heavily throughout the course of the night. We had a few drinks at the bar when we met pints of beer Casual sex Portugal him, Stoli and cranberry for me over the course of several hours, and then shared a bottle of wine while we were waiting to watch the sun come up. We also smoked half a Casual sex Portugal of marijuana that night, but none on the night of the hookup.

At no point would I say either of us was intoxicated or impaired at all by our substance use on either evening. How did you feel about it? How do Casual sex Portugal feel about them now? We said our goodbyes and that was that.

No regrets. No unrealistic hopes for the future, or a long distance relationship or any BS.

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We did agree to keep in touch, and we have. To whom did you talk about the hookup? How did they Casusl Casual sex Portugal your partner? All consensual. I think he feels the same way. What was the BEST Portugall about this hookup? Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? The sex was good, but the company was really good, too.

The whole experience Casual sex Portugal positive in many ways, and I got a lifelong friend out of the deal. And again…hello?!?!

Pirtugal How many chances does one get to hookup with an attractive, genuinely nice guy on the roof of a medieval castle? No way was I passing that up! You have a Casual sex Portugal story to share? Submit it here! Prem Casual sex Portugal 20, at 3: Natalie June 20, Casual sex Portugal 5: Wow, I must admit I am envious…. I understand the charm of Portuguese men having worked with and dated a Portuguese guy in the s and have fond memories!

Oh to be on the roof of the castle! I have been to Portugal twice and would love to experience my own version of what you did. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Story Views: Like and share: Comments 2.

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I was doing some solo traveling as a present to myself for finally graduating from college and was in Lisbon, Portugal, and had gone to see. Finding someone for casual sex isn't as easy as some of the movies make it out to be. Most of the time, you can't just turn to your single. Sex + Dating. 6 things you need to know before dating a Portuguese girl. Photo: Harold Navarro · Sandra Guedes. May 15,

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