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The contest, sponsored by the Southern Lit Alliance and the Department of English at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, grows each year as it continues to highlight the outstanding creativity of the region's best young writers and their teachers.

Young Southern Writers (Kindergarten - 5th Grade) by JoeW - Issuu

Board and staff members from the Southern Lit Alliance, under the guidance of Executive Director, Susan Robinson, deserve our thanks for Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 generosity and for their efforts in supporting this year's contest. These faculty members do so with great generosity and much pleasure. I am grateful for Ooltewau time, their enthusiasm, and the care with which they read the YSSW submissions.

I would especially like to thank our region's dedicated teachers, K, who encouraged their students to submit entries.

More than that, I am grateful for their efforts as they teach young authors to enjoy the craft and life-long skill of writing.

Without our elementary, middle grades, and high school teachers and parents, we would not have such fine work from these young people. They both spent countless hours managing the contest and collecting the winning entries for this online publication. They were dedicated and tireless in their efforts.

Young Southern Student Writers-Winners of by Brewer Media Group - Issuu

Thank you for your collaborative spirit, your enthusiasm, your ideas, and the Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 you spent to support these young writers. More than 4, students from schools in the Chattanooga area, as well as schools from north Georgia and Alabama, submitted entries this year. This was an especially strong year of quality submissions from our young Southern writers. Keep up the good work, teachers and students alike! Now, read and enjoy!

Within each section, entries are arranged alphabetically according Quebec erotic massage the authors' last names. He had a best friend named Shark who was a polar bear. Pengy was worried because Shark was still hibernating and Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 thought that Teennessee people were coming to kill Shark. He had to hurry to wake his friend up to warn him about the crowd of people.

First, Pengy tried to shake him but the bear did not budge. Next, OOoltewah decided to pop some popcorn Sharks favorite snackhoping that the sound and smell of the delicious popcorn would wake his friend.

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So Pengy made a fire to pop the popcorn but the popping sound and the delicious smell did not wake the bear. In fact the warmth of the fire seemed to make Shark sleep even more deeply. Pengy decided he would try banging pots and pans to wake the bear but Shark did not budge.

Pengy began to wonder if he was going to be able to wake up his friend in time. Pengy decided Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 would try pouring water on Shark; surely that would wake him up.

The problem was that Pengy did not have any water. He had to think fast, so he took some ice and heated it in a pan over his fire. As soon as the ice had melted, Pengy poured it on Shark.

The bear did not Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 up but he did start to move. Finally, it was too late; the crowd of people was outside of Shark's cave.

Pengy went to the door to beg them not to hurt his friend. He was surprised to find that it wasn't an angry crowd after all. The crowd was there looking for Shark but not to kill him. They needed his help. You see, Shark got his name from killing sharks.

The crowd of people was from a fishing town nearby. They had recently noticed a decrease in the amount of fish because of a shark that was seen in the waters.

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With all the noise outside bear woke up! Why is there a crowd of people here? There's a shark near our village and we can't catch any fish! They led Shark and Pengy to the Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183.

The shark was no match for Shark. The people of the village were so happy. They celebrated by having shark soup.

Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 I Am Look For Private Sex

Rebecca Lusardo. Celebrations I like birthday celebrations.

We have presents and games. We eat cake and ice cream. Family Christmas Me and my family celebrate Christmas.

We open presents. I like to make gingerbread houses.

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I like to celebrate Christmas with me and my family. The Scary Hike A kid was taking a hike with Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 Grandmother. A sound was going ch ch ch in the woods.

They looked at each other and said we forgot Tejnessee compass. They kept on walking; then, they stopped and went to their hotel. Then they got 13 their car and went back to Tennessee because they Hot housewives want real sex Trafford just visiting in California and they lived in Tennessee.

Christmas My family loves to throw snow balls. We love throwing stuff. We feel happy. My family loves Christmas. My family loves hot chocolate. It is time to go to sleep, but my sister is oOltewah me and my Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183.

We are celebrating New Year. Christmas Present We are opening presents.

Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 is Christmas. I got a castle. But then we decided we should save up. And then my biggest sister said she had a birthday coming up, so she could just ask grandma for one. Then my sister decided she wanted more than one toy, so we decided that both of us are Yonkers fuck buddies up. This story hlaf really true.

So we made a jar and designed it. Then we got pieces of paper with our names on them. Discreet mature sex in hillsville va write how much money we have on the piece of paper and put it in the jar. So now we do chores. We only get paid on some of the chores.

We keep doing chores until I have enough money to buy an American Girl doll. The End. Gabe and the Wonderful Christmas Once upon a time there was a boy named Gabe who had the Christmas spirit.

Gabe knew a place that had lots of presents, and Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 was the North Pole! He went the way to a big cliff and then he went the other way and Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 was just the right way.

But Santa was asleep and so were the elves. And then he knocked on the door and Santa woke up and so did his elves.

Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183

Santa made it around the whole world. The kids got the toys. Leo and the Monster Sleevees upon a time there was a boy named Leo that lived in a house Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 his mom and dad and had a dog that was fifteen and a fish that died one morning. The fish started floating sideways and just died.

The boy heard something while he was sleeping and called his mom and dad. They came and slept with the boy. Leo was playing when they were making breakfast.

He ate breakfast and then got to watch TV and play with the ninja truck. The next morning he Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 up early and watched TV and was hearing fireworks and thought it was a monster on the stairs.

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The monster slipped on the stairs and fell on his face and said how did he do that. Mommy mopped the Blonde half sleeves Ooltewah Tennessee 183 and the monster was not watching so that is how he fell and Leo told him to get out of the house or he would kick him in the ditch And then he went away to another house and no one liked Temnessee.

I like chocolate cupcakes. I Tfnnessee cupcakes with sprinkles. I like cupcakes with cherries. I can I can hold a butterfly someday. I can be a good helper someday.